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7 MINDS HOTELS – A collection of eclectic boutique that offers an urban experience full of style.
When you step into a 7minds
hotel, you
always know exactly where you are,

Each hotel in our collection is inspired by its own clear vision,
soul and story, imbuing every detail of the hospitality experience
a unique tactile and emotional power.

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Taste the City with 7Minds

Savor the very best of Tel Aviv cuisine at the Carmel or Levinsky Market with YALLA BASTA special tasting card that lets you sample everything from authentic Middle Eastern delicacies to refreshing boutique beers.
Book This mouthwatering menu during your next 7Minds vacation, enhancing every B&B stay with eclectic flavors and urban style.

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Unwind with 7Minds

Experience the ultimate in rest and relaxation with 45-minute couple’s treatment in our luxurious spa when you book your next 7Minds vacation.

It’s the perfect way to chill out, de-stress, and recharge in serene surroundings while enjoying our unique urban hospitality, with bed & breakfast in a choice of exciting locations.

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Cocktails workshop

7MINDS hotels guests are invited to a unique cocktail workshop in the lounge of the Bachar House hotel – let’s make delicious cocktails together.

L’chaim !!!

The cocktail workshop takes place in the lounge of the Bachar House Hotel – 56 Nachalat Binyamin st.

The cocktail workshop is for 7MINDS hotel guests staying in our hotels on August 3rd, 2023.

Guests must be above 18 years old.

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