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Hotel Nordoy

Hotel Nordoy offers guests the chance to revisit Tel Aviv and experience the same views as the hotel’s guests did nearly a century ago – brought together with the updated amenities and standards of service in one of the most attractive and inviting tourist destinations today.
This hotel offers a casual elegant feast for all senses: it is a place to truly fall in love with real Tel Aviv, connecting its magical past with its dynamic present. Hotel Nordoy is a tourist site in itself:taking you on a unique journey in time, viewed through today’s eyes. It is a precious jewel that maintains the utmost respect for its legacy. A local gem that has preserved its truth. An icon. A legend in its time.


Hotel Nordoy is located at the heart of it all, in the place where the city was born and continues to flourish as a diverse and vibrant area.
Originally established in this classic Tel Aviv neighborhood, the hotel is conveniently located adjacent to Nahalat Binyamin and its arts market, and close to Carmel Market, the sea, lively restaurants and trendy bars. Hotel Nordoy has it all for everyone – whether you want to take it slow and enjoy the views, enjoy a leisurely stroll down to the beach, sit down for a great meal or stay out all night… everything is right here waiting for you.



Revisiting Tel Aviv hospitality. Deluxe rooms are spacious and stylish, while offering a cozy and relaxing place to rest. These rooms are all designed in the spirit of our heritage, bringing together eclectic influences of European and local influences. Relax and reminisce…



Deluxe rooms (23 m2) are spacious and stylish, while offering a cozy and relaxing place to rest. Step out onto the balcony for a lovely view of the city and a fresh breeze from the sea. These rooms are all designed in the spirit of our heritage, bringing together eclectic influences of European and local influences. Enjoy the view…
Fresh view of Tel Aviv.



Nordoy With Balcony rooms (32 m2) are very spacious and offer a hotel experience that takes you back to the early days of Tel Aviv, in style. With exceptionally wide spaces, meticulous design and details, our signature rooms offer an inspiring journey from the past until today. To complete the picture, step out onto the balcony, where you will enjoy a sense of the city, with its unique architecture, lifestyle and soothing sea breeze. Take it all in…
View Tel Aviv through your eyes.



Luxury living in a local landmark. Beyond the standards of utmost excellence, above the beating heart of the city. Our two exclusive penthouse suites (44 m2) are a true luxury experience, offering you the chance to relax in superb and extraordinarily spacious living and sleeping areas, as you watch the city unfold beneath you. Each of these two exquisitely designed suites is located on the rooftop, adjacent to the iconic landmark dome, with a spacious balcony for you to take in the city’s vibes, sunrise to sunset.



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The Nordoy Hotel gives its guests the opportunity to experience the Tel Aviv of yesteryear, and enjoy its beautiful views, just like the hotel’s guests almost a century ago.
In the hotel spa you will find 3 pampering and spacious treatment rooms that give our guests the necessary experience of calm and serenity.

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Special Offers

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Taste the City with 7Minds

Savor the very best of Tel Aviv cuisine at the Carmel or Levinsky Market with YALLA BASTA special tasting card that lets you sample everything from authentic Middle Eastern delicacies to refreshing boutique beers.
Book This mouthwatering menu during your next 7Minds vacation, enhancing every B&B stay with eclectic flavors and urban style.

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Unwind with 7Minds

Experience the ultimate in rest and relaxation with 45-minute couple’s treatment in our luxurious spa when you book your next 7Minds vacation.

It’s the perfect way to chill out, de-stress, and recharge in serene surroundings while enjoying our unique urban hospitality, with bed & breakfast in a choice of exciting locations.

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Cocktails workshop

7MINDS hotels guests are invited to a unique cocktail workshop in the lounge of the Bachar House hotel – let’s make delicious cocktails together.

L’chaim !!!

The cocktail workshop takes place in the lounge of the Bachar House Hotel – 56 Nachalat Binyamin st.

The cocktail workshop is for 7MINDS hotel guests staying in our hotels on August 3rd, 2023.

Guests must be above 18 years old.


27 Nahalat Binyamin st. Tel Aviv

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